Dennis R. Merritt Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Merritt graduated in June 1996 from the University of Central Florida. He majored in Finance with minor studies in Political Science. His professional experience includes the start up of The Language Bank, Inc. He founded TLB in 1995 and has grown the company's sales substantially since 1999. TLB has been operated profitably by Mr. Merritt for the past five years.
He is currently the President and CEO of TLB and is responsible for the strategic planning and growth of TLB on a daily basis. As 100% owner, Mr. Merritt makes decisions regarding advertising, promotion, tax structure, legal issues, and financial management. He has been heavily involved in business development and his financial experience covers many diverse areas.
Mr. Merritt has developed and maintained the company's vision and mission. He oversees all company departments and activities. His duties include the following: managing the operations and finances, growing the company, and seeking business opportunities and strategic alliances with other organizations. He continually plans, develops, and establishes policies and objectives for TLB in accordance with board directives and company charter. Mr. Merritt directs and coordinates all of the financial programs to provide funding for new or continuing operations in order to maximize return on investments and increase services.
The Language Bank has enjoyed a revenue growth rate in 1999 of 160% over the previous year, while expenses increased only 2.3%. Additionally, TLB experienced a 77% increase in revenues for the first half of 2000.