Effective multilingual communication is essential to target international markets, in today's global economy. The Language Bank fulfills this need by providing translation and interpretation services in over 300 languages and 80 subject areas. We maintain relationships with over 10,000 highly qualified translators from around the world. The Language Bank's translators are native speakers of the target language trained in document translating.
TLB professionals, who are highly qualified and/or certified in the requisite technical backgrounds, perform all translations. Translations include typesetting in the target language. Copies of finished work are available for the PC or Mac and saved in various file formats including PDF, Word documents, as well as various others (see Technical Specifications).
Additionally, completed translations can be delivered via fax, e-mail and/or FTP. We can translate most any material source (Web Pages, Technical Manuals, Legal Contracts, Patents, Annual Reports, Advertising Copy, Marketing Collateral, User Guides, Brochures, Case Studies, Data Sheets, Medical Records, Newsletters, Reference Manuals, Training Manuals, Marketing Materials, E-Mails, Press Releases, etc.)